Let’s Learn to Look and Feel Beautiful Together. 

I believe beauty is most found in honoring your inner truth, embracing who you really are, and choosing to be happy by loving yourself and others. Strong, independent women can and will change the world. And, they can look amazing while they do it.


Join me in my online course to learn THE MONEY METHOD: makeup techniques, beauty tips, and ways to feel as beautiful on the inside as you will out! You’ll also get connected to my online tribe of women who are passionate about life, love, and learning. 



Money Talks is a tribe of women who have all completed the Master Your Money Look course! These women have not only learned to master their brows, but also own their truth, share their insights on life and love, and uplift and empower one another on their own personal journeys. In addition to regular Facebook LIVE content from me, we have regular meetups and biannual retreats where we take our online community even further through the power of in-person connection. Money Talks is a safe place for women to get vulnerable and real.

Once you sign up for the Master Your Money Look course, you will gain access to the private Money Talks Facebook group absolutely FREE for your first 30 days! We can't wait to welcome you to our tribe! Click the button below to register for my course today, then follow the prompts within the course to join Money Talks! 



Before I can teach you anything about makeup, we’ve got to nurture who you are on the inside. We’ll not only focus on your look, but also your heart and your spirit. 



I’ll teach you a classic and beautiful makeup look that will be the foundation for any other look you want to achieve. Plus, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite products to help you nail your Money Look.



When you take any of my courses, you get connected to my online tribe of authentic, real women who value life, love, beauty, and relationships.



What my tribe is saying about
Master Your Money Look

  • The Master Your Money Look course changed my life by teaching me how to love and accept myself in order to find true happiness. It also connected me with some of the most incredible women I've ever known, whose friendships I will cherish forever.
    — Michelle Dubin
  • Because of the Master Your Money Look course, I now take pictures WITH my kids instead of just pictures of them. I not only have confidence in my makeup, but don't worry what others might think of me when I am not wearing any makeup at all!
    — Brittany Muir Bauer
  • Because of The Master Your Money Look course I was challenged, encouraged, and supported through a cross-country move and landing my dream job.
    — Sara Moy
  • I am so glad I took the Master Your Money Look course because it helped me find a new passion in my life! I'd never learned how to do my makeup before, and this course provided a confidence boost that's lead me to actually have FUN with makeup.
    — Erin Brewer
  • The Master Your Money Look Course inspired me to create my own personal creed that I use for my daily meditation. This daily habit is life changing for me! It keeps me centered, focused, and peaceful as I go through each day.
    — Nicole Rasmussen Hansen
  • Through the Master Your Money Look course I have met the most amazing, selfless, kindhearted, non-judgmental friends with whom I can be vulnerable and transparent.
    — Stacy Laine Noland
  • The Master Your Money Look course not only gave me amazing beauty tips to make me feel better about myself, but more importantly, taught me how to be the best version of myself on the inside. I’m so grateful to Michelle and this community she has created.
    — Annalisa Ollada Austin
  • Because of the Master Your Money Look course, I not only have my day to day makeup look down to a 5 minute routine, but I feel confident and beautiful in my own skin, and I know myself better than ever before. And as an added bonus, I have made some of my best friends I couldn’t imagine my life without!
    — Amanda Friedland
  • The Master Your Money Look course taught me how to be a better, more positive version of myself, how to look at life differently, and how to teach my 13 year old daughter to be empowered. Also, learning the makeup look was awesome and I'm so lucky to have this amazing group of women in my life!
    — Megan Hudson