Healing Redefined is a series of intimate conversations throughout 10 days discussing the ancient and sometimes controversial alternative healing modality, generally called energy work.

Join me and my energy worker, Suzanne Stauffer, as we spend 10 days exploring the ancient and sometimes controversial alternative healing modality generally called energy work.  

We will be exploring the following topics regarding energy work:

  • What is energy work and the Chakra System?

  • What energy tools are available to help with anxiety, depression and stress?

  • How to harness your intuition and energy and allow your spirit to guide your life.

  • How to heal your relationship with your body from the inside out.  

  • Techniques on how to live life from a centered, grounded place honoring your internal compass as your guide.

Throughout this course we will break it down, get real, and answer all your questions about the modern spiritual movement.   

It is time to unveil and normalize these ancient tools and traditions, debunk the myths, and get to the truth around these alternative healing techniques.   

You’ll also learn specific techniques that may help you with issues you’re experiencing with your body, relationships, and/or career.  


Throughout the course, you’ll hear from suzanne, my energy worker.

Suzanne Stauffer is a Guide, Truth Teller, and Soul Revealer (that is to say--she gets you). She can help you dust off your soul’s truth, and unveil the most authentic, magical, and abundant YOU you’ve ever imagined. Suzanne’s experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, paired with her certification and training as a psychic, personal trainer, health coach, and accountant, equates to over 20 years of diverse experience, perspective, and a “Why didn’t I think of that?”-type know-how. Whether you’re looking to master money, revolutionize your relationships, create a blissful body, or source your own spirituality, Suzanne is uniquely qualified to help you conjure a new clarity and bring a revitalizing energy to every area of your life.

The Healing Redefined course begins Monday, June 24th and ends Wednesday, July 3rd. All course content will be distributed within a private Facebook group using a combination of Facebook LIVE and pre-recorded videos.



After you register, you’ll receive an immediate payment confirmation via email today, followed by an email invitation on Sunday, June 23rd that will include the link for joining the private Facebook page where the course will be facilitated!

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