Hey Babe! It’s me, Michelle Money. Let’s talk about life and beauty.


My favorite part of my job is staying connected with the women who have taken my course. I love hopping on Facebook LIVE, interacting on social media, even seeing them in-person at meetups and events. I am so proud of the community I’ve formed with these women who have truly become my family.  We talk about real life, real issues, and there’s nothing more rewarding to me than receiving a message or email about how the things I’m teaching them have changed their life. Not only are we learning and growing together, but we have become a loving and supportive tribe. We have seen women becoming best friends, meeting up in real life, and even throwing wedding and baby showers for each other!

When I’m not chatting with my amazing tribe of women or creating content for them, you can find me spending quality time with my boyfriend Mike, our beautiful daughters, and my son, Preston, who I recently reconnected with after placing him for adoption
when I was 16, hanging with my BFF Laura, or binging a show on Netflix.

I'm a professional hair and makeup stylist, actress, reality TV star, and a health, beauty, and wellness educator. I love kombucha, Kirkland-brand microwave popcorn, taking naps, and helping women feel beautiful from the inside out. I believe in the power of truth and honesty, and I have found that as I get real and honest with people, they are free to get real and honest right back.

I’m a free spirit, but I’m grounded in who I am. I’m light-hearted and love to laugh, but I love diving into things that are deep and profound. I’ve found my own way of keeping this balance in love, life, and beauty, and it’s my passion to encourage  other women to do the same.

I’ve always worked in the world of beauty. A professional hair and makeup stylist by trade, I started at the Estée Lauder counter at Macy’s and went on to freelance for Bobbi Brown, Mac, Laura Mercier, Paula Dorff, TiGi, and Biotherm. After discovering my passion for making women feel beautiful, I decided to further my education and went on to graduate from Hairitage College of Beauty where I became licensed as a professional cosmetologist.

I started acting and modeling when I was just 14 years old, and my very first gig was the lead in a Backstreet Boys music video. Click here to check it out! (You’re welcome.) I have since worked in print, film, and television with brands like Reebok, MasterCard, and Sports Illustrated. I’ve been on screen in films like Midway to Heaven, InHumane, and By Any Means. I also spent three years as a regular host on Utah’s #1 daily talk show, Good Things Utah, where you can still find me filling in from time to time. Perhaps most notably, you may know me as one of the most recognized cast members from ABC’s The Bachelor franchise!

In my first course I ever offered, I asked the women this question: “How many of your waking hours are spent worrying  about what other people think of you?” The numbers they shared were staggering. Some women even said up to 99 percent. I immediately made the decision that we were no longer just talking about makeup - we were talking about something more than skin deep. We had to shift immediately and address what was happening on the inside. That’s what led me to create The Money Method, which is a five step process to help you get real about who you are and what
you want in life. In the 2 years I’ve taught it, I’ve seen firsthand that this Method has changed more than 3000 women’s lives.