Spot Coaching

Spot Coaching


Through my 14-day course, The Money Method, I have equipped hundreds of women with the tools to transform their lives through personal growth and development using my personal creed, The Money Method.

At the end of each course, a handful of women reach out to me asking "But what about this situation?" as they detail a specific relationship or difficult situation in their life, wondering how to apply The Money Method specifically to their personal life. 

If you have a relationship or situation in your life where you feel stuck, I will spend 1-hour working through it together, as we apply The Money Method to uncover the emotions, identify thoughts that are not serving you, and move forward toward health and happiness. 


  • Includes (1) 60-minute coaching session with Michelle Money, facilitated via ZOOM video conferencing. 
  • Once you have purchased your spot coaching session, you will be contacted by a member of our team within (5) business days with information on scheduling your first appointment.
  • Session will be scheduled within (4) weeks of purchase, whenever possible. If you require more immediate attention, please reach out to us prior to purchasing. 
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